About US

FRAT is the acronym for Federation of Residentsí Associations Thiruvananthapuram. It is an entity under whose umbrella the member associations stand united for the accomplishment of specific tasks necessitated by situations arising out of the laxity or apathy of the powers that be in ensuring civic rights. FRAT is an apolitical organization of committed volunteers who selflessly spend their time, energy and intellect for their fellow citizens. The agenda of FRAT focuses on the general welfare of the populace and the overall development of the capital city and district. FRAT is a four-tier structure. At the grassroots functions the general body of Member Associations. Their representatives make the Executive Committee. Then there is the Central Committee; and at last the Secretariat. The Executive Committee invariably meets on the last day of every month to discuss and decide issues confronting the people in general. The Central Committee would follow up the matter. The Secretariat or the office bearers themselves always respond to emergency matters and adopt appropriate course of action. FRAT also maintains close rapport with the media that readily lends its support when needed.

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