The advent of the Residents' Associations can be traced as back as the late sixties, but the concept of constituting a central body to coordinate their activities for the collective welfare of the general residents emerged only in the early nineties. Continued sittings and meetings for deliberations initiated in this direction by dedicated visionaries paved the way for the establishment of the Federation of Residents' Associations, Thiruvananthapuram, which is popularly known today by its acronym FRAT.

Registered as No. 50/93 in February 1993, FRAT has been functioning for the whole district of Thiruvananthapuram. While about 1000 registered residents' associations are in existence in the region, more than 900 of them remain affiliated to FRAT. Most of the present member associations are located in the area falling under the Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram and its suburbs.

The prime objectives of FRAT are the general welfare of its constituents and the overall development of Thiruvananthapuram district with due stress on the capital city. FRAT is also concerned about the social, economic and cultural uplift of its members. Among other various responsibilities undertaken by FRAT, fulfilling the civic needs of citizens occupies the top position in its agenda.

For the last 16 years FRAT has been the torchbearer of member associations in their journey towards progress. This period has witnessed a saga of enviable achievements. Efforts were successfully made to ensure uninterrupted supply of water and electricity, continued repair and maintenance of public roads, regular availability of transportation facilities, prompt and scientific management of solid waste, prevention of stray dogs, eradication of endemic fever and so on. Having realized that it is a voluntary force to reckon with, various government departments and bodies have now recognized FRAT by inviting it to the meetings convened to discuss, decide and resolve issues that affect the normal life of the citizenry.

FRAT also conducts various programmes in association with other agencies. Medical Camps, Water and Electricity Adalats, Blood-Donation Camps, Eye-Donation Campaigns, Legal Literacy Programmes, Flower Shows and FRAT Fests are only a few to cite. The steps taken by FRAT during epidemics testify its concern for the healthcare of the general public. Holding seminars with the participation of Central and State ministers as well as the police officials has proved quite expedient in projecting the problems of the people at large.

FRAT is not oblivious of the longstanding issues like the setting up of a High Court Bench in the capital, the expansion of Trivandrum International Airport, the development of the Capital City, and the Commissioning of Vizhinjam Harbour. With the massive support lent by the member associations and the general public, they are being vigorously pursued. And the authorities concerned have now begun to move in the positive direction. Yes, FRAT has come to stay with a say.

That FRAT has made its presence felt in all spheres of life should be a matter of pride for the residents. Its four-letter name has become a household word. FRAT is further manifested in many a way. A directory of the residents has been released in association with M/s Direct Publishers. A website named www.frat.in hosting the details of member associations is designed and maintained by C. Syam Mohan.

We have miles to go and we need to go together. Strengthen our FRAT that symbolizes Fraternity, Reliability, Accessibility and Transparency.

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